Delicious Chicken Kurma Recipe

Making restaurant style chicken Kurma can be an easy work for the housewife now. You just have to arrange the ingredients and start cooking to have a great food time without spending huge hotel bills. 
Kurma Chicken


  1.  1½ tbsp. poppy seeds or 6 cashew nuts
  2. chopped coconut (¼ cup)
  3. oil (1/2 tsp)
  4. bay leaf (1)
  5. star anise (1)
  6. shahi cumin (½ tsp)
  7. small green cardamoms ( 2 or 3)
  8. cloves (4)
  9. cinnamon stick (small)
  10. finely chopped onions (1 cup)
  11. green chili slit (v)
  12. pinch of turmeric
  13. salt
  14. ginger garlic paste (1½ tsp)
  15. chicken (500 grams)
  16. ripe tomato (1)
  17. red chili powder (½ tsp)
  18. spices (1 tsp)
  19. sprig curry leaves (1)
  20. thick yogurt/ curd (1 tbsp)


Make the sliced coconuts powder in mixer grinder and keep inside. Now, fry the fennel seeds and spices in hot oil are important to make the base. Add onion and garlic chili on the frying step and fry it until it takes the golden color. Put the ginger garlic paste before adding the chicken into it. Spread some salt over it. The cookers should accomplish the steps in low flame; otherwise, they can’t separately handle every step. Add tomatoes, red chili powder, salt, ground paste, curry leaves and spices on the preparation and fry it for a while. Add yogurt and little water at the final step. Now cover it and heat it for 5 – 10 minutes and serve.


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