Sweet potatoes and chicken cooked in maple sauce

Maple syrup and the sauce made from it are particularly delicious and suitable for variety of recipes. Non vegetarian recipes with chicken particularly benefit from the use of the maple sauce.

Sweet potatoes and chicken cooked in maple sauce

Sweet potatoes- peeled and cut ½ pound
Chicken tenders- 1 pound
Steak seasoning- 2 tea spoon
Vegetable oil- 2 table spoon
Maple syrup- ½ cup
Green onions- thinly sliced ½ cup


Boil the sweet potatoes in a large pot and ensure that they are completely tender. Drain the excess water and allow the steam to dry for a minute or two. Let the potatoes cool down to room temperature.
Sprinkle the chicken with steak seasoning and cook it on medium heat over the skillet for 8 minutes till it is light brown. Remove the chicken and stir the maple syrup bringing it to boil. Let it simmer for 2 minutes after which you should add the green onions.
On a plate, mash the potatoes and top the chicken over the potatoes and then pour the syrup from the top.  Make sure that all the chicken and the potatoes are thoroughly covered with the sauce.


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