Stuffed chicken sandwich

A delicious breakfast is always helpful for a healthy and fresh start of the day. Chicken sandwich are delicious and filling and hence perfect for this purpose.

Stuffed chicken sandwich


Burgers breads- cut into halves- 2
Garlic flavour mayonnaise spread- 4 tablespoon
Onion and tomato rings- 8 each
Chicken paste- cooked- half cup
Parsley dried- 2 tea spoon
Salt and pepper to taste
Leaves of romaine lettuce- 4 large


Take minced onions and green bell peppers and sauté them on a frying pan with liberal amount of black pepper. Add the chicken paste to the pan and then stir fry it until the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Take the burger buns and add liberal amount of mayonnaise in it. Sprinkle the mayo with salt and pepper. Top it with the chicken paste and tomatoes and onions and the lettuce leaves. And close the burger. Make sure to apply the mayonnaise on both the surfaces of the buns.


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