Roasted Honey Chicken Wings

Chicken can be cooked in so many different ways Have you ever tried preparing the roasted honey chicken wings? Follow the recipe and give a try.

 Roasted Honey Chicken Wings

List of ingredients

·       Chicken wings
·       Honey
·       Butter
·       Brown sugar
·       Sesame seeds
·       Small pieces of garlic
·       Soy sauce
·       White Wine

The way of preparation

Except for the chicken wings and sesame seeds, combine the other ingredients-soy sauce, white wine, butter, honey, brown sugar and garlic and mix it well in a bowl. In case, you are using the smoke flavors, mix it as well. Make sure you are marinating the chicken wings in the mixture you made for at least an hour. The more hours you offer to marinate, the better it is, as the mixture gets inside the skin of the chicken and makes it soft and tender.

Keep a little amount of the mixture that you prepare to marinate the chicken so that you can use it later on while baking the chicken wings in the oven for around half an hour at 425 degrees. Make sure you turn the chicken wings after 15 minutes, so that both the sides are baked properly. At last, you sprinkle the chicken pieces with sesame seeds for the extra flavor and aroma.


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