Garlic and basil baked chicken thigh recipes

Now, the best way to make a less spicy and delicious baked chicken with basil and garlic is here to change the cliché menu of your daily life.

Garlic and Baked Chicken


  1. Chicken thighs (6pcs)
  2. Salt
  3. Ground black pepper
  4. 1 fresh onion
  5. Chopped basil (¼ cup)
  6. Sliced garlic (3cloves)
  7. Fresh rosemary (2 teaspoons)
  8. Chicken broth 1 (½ cup)
  9. Diced carrots (3 cups)

The preparation is chicken based and it takes 1 hour 25 minutes to be ready on 375 degrees of oven temperature. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and use roasting pan to do it and then spread onion around the mixture. Add garlic, basil and carrots over the pan evenly. You can use some rosemary and cover that with aluminum foil. The organic juice of the chicken has been run out in 1 hour time on heat and observe until the bone color becomes pink. Bake it for another 15 minutes after removing the foil paper. 
The preparation time takes 15 minutes and the baking time needs 1 hour and 10 minutes and the entire preparation is made in 1 hour 30 minutes. You can turn 6pcs simple chicken thighs into delicious baked chicken thighs dish.


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