Chicken glazed with oranges

Oranges are seasonal fruits that can be incorporated in various recipes. With chicken, the flavour of orange particularly is complimentary and hence delicious.
Chicken glazed with oranges


1/3 rd cup of marmalade from oranges
1 table spoon soy sauce- preferably low sodium variant
2 table spoon corn starch
Chicken breast boneless and skinless- 4 pieces or 1 pound
2 table spoon of margarine
2 table spoon ground mustard
Orange juice- ½ cup


Melt the margarine on a large skillet and cook the chicken breast on it for approximately 15 minutes ensuring that both the sides are equally cooked and thoroughly done. In a large bowl, mix all the other ingredients. Drain the juices from the skillet and move the chicken to the plate. Pour the mixture and cook it for 2 minutes until the glaze becomes thick. Add the chicken and let the glaze get absorbed well. This can be served with boiled vegetables or fried rice. It serves four people perfectly and best when served hot.


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