Chicken breast with vinegar dressing, tomatoes and olives

Chicken breast is the tastiest meat in the entire chicken and they are used for the top recipes. The classic combination of tomatoes and olive make it perfect for a filling dinner.

Chicken breast with vinegar dressing, tomatoes and olives


Boneless chicken 6 ounce- should be breast halves
Cherry or grape tomatoes- if possible get multi coloured
3 tablespoons oil and vinegar whisked together into a dressing
Olives- halved- 1 ½ cups
Feta cheese crumbled- ½ cup


Heat or prepare the grill to medium high heat. The chicken should be sprinkled with ¼ tea spoon of salt and freshly grounded black pepper to taste. On the grill rack place the chicken securely after coating the chicken evenly with cooking spray.
Grill each of the side for 6 minutes until the chicken is thoroughly done. Take it out of the oven but ensure it is kept warm enough. Combine the tomatoes, the dressing, and the olives together in a skillet and cook them over medium heat for two minutes. Let the tomatoes soften slightly and the mixture should also be heated well. Brush the chicken with any leftover of the dressing and cut them into slices. Sprinkle them with the mixture prepared and also some cheese on top.


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